North Sierra Homes (NSH) specializes in the design and construction of mountain modern homes exclusively in the Nakoma Community. Efficiency is the guiding principal behind everything we do. From “dirt-to-doorknob” pricing that eliminates surprise change orders mid-project to the overall efficiency of the build process, great care is taken to optimize the space both inside and out to produce a home that is a perfect fit with your vision and the natural elements found on the homesite.

Our History

Unique design-build approach with over 20 years of experience delivering to satisfaction.

Dan Gallagher, the principal at North Sierra Homes and a builder for over 20 years, has been involved with the Nakoma Community for ten years. His intimate knowledge of the property gives him the unique ability to factor in the nuances of the land when creating a home design on a given piece of property. Views and privacy are optimized and landscape features are incorporated into the overall layout so your home feels completely congruent with its surrounding.

Equal care is taken to ensure project costs are all accounted for from the start so there are no big surprises down the road. Design, engineering, surveying, permitting… it’s all part of the inclusive building cost.