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We specialize in mountain modern homes designed for the active outdoor lifestlye.


Dirt to Doorknobs, one price

We don’t like surprises when it comes to expenses and we’re pretty sure you don’t either. When we provide a price to build your home, it’s an all-inclusive price for a finished home. This means there are no hidden fees and no surprise change orders. Our prices include everything: permitting fees, architectural design, engineering, sitework, driveways, landscaping… everything that makes your home a finished product.

We’re big on efficiency in our build process. We consider material usage from the initial design phase and work with you to ensure your home has all the interesting details and nuances you envision, but without breaking your budget.Efficiency extends to things like passive solar heat gain, snow shed, orientation of the home on the land. Your life is more efficient in a home that has taken into account the external elements in the interior design.

Efficiency also comes from our long-standing relationships with key service providers. They know how we design and we know how they work so there is harmony and cooperation at all stages of the process. You’d be surprised how important this is.